7 Labuan Corp execs dropped


7 Labuan Corp execs dropped
Published on: Saturday, July 07, 2018

Labuan: Seven members of the Labuan Corporation (LC) Advisory Council had their contracts terminated as of June 30, last Saturday.

According to a reliable source, all members of the council, including the chairman were informed of the termination through a letter dated June 29.

The contracts of all seven politically appointed members were supposed to end on October 30 this year.

The council was chaired by Senator Datuk Bashir Alias while the six members were Datuk Chin Hong Vui (Labuan MCA Chairman), Datuk Peter Mak (Labuan PBS Chairman President) Datuk Khalid Abd Ghani (Labuan Umno Deputy Chief), Datuk Wong Kii Yii (Labuan Chinese Chamber of Commerce chairman), Rokiah Ibrahim and Fauziah Datuk Mohd Din.

They were previously appointed by various compositions for a period of two years from Jan 2016 to October 2018.

The termination of the service was in line with the newly-formed Pakatan Harapan government’s aspiration to stabilise the country’s financial situation.

The role the advisory council members stipulated under the Labuan Corporation (LC) Act is to advice the authority relating to the functions of the local government undertaken by LC.

Meanwhile, the sole Chinese Ketua Kampong (Village head) from Kampong Sungai Keling, Seah Kiat Leong, has resigned from the post, becoming the first among 27 Ketuas on the island to do so.

“I tendered my resignation to the Federal Territories Ministry and have also informed Labuan Corporation as well as Labuan Chinese Chamber of Commerce which nominated me,” he said.

Seah, who was serving for the second term, thanked everyone for their support and co-operation.

“I took the step in response to calls from the new Pakatan Harapan-led government suggesting that political appointees from the previous government should resign. I feel honourable to do so.”

Seah has served the post for five years.

The village heads are paid a monthly allowance of RM800 and before GE14, it was upped to RM900.

Apart from doing administrative work and other services for village folks such as certification of documents, village heads were also responsible for proposing minor development projects for the village.

Based on the recommendations, the local authority would approve and award the contracts.

In the meantime, despite earlier indications that the new government would scrap the post along with JKKK (village development and security committee), the present indication that the village heads would be retained but the committee was rebranded and called Majlis Pembangunan Kemajuan Kampong (MPKK).

A notice from the new Rural and Regional Development Ministry sighted, showed that new guidelines were set out for the committees in the village.

MPKK would comprise a Chairman with a monthly allowance of RM500, a secretary with an allowance of RM300 and 13 other members each given a “portfolio” to handle. For each meeting held, a further RM100 would be given and additional RM50 for those appointed members who attend.

The minister requirement is also that there should be at least 30 per cent women in the committee appointed.

The ministry has allocated a grant of RM100 million per year and villages performing well in upgrading liveability of the village could be considered for an award of RM10,000. Courses would also be provided for the Ketua to be better informed about government policies and professionalism in services. – Iffah Dilaney and Sohan Das

Source: http://www.dailyexpress.com.my/news.cfm?NewsID=125626


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