Two names make Labuan rounds


Two names make Labuan rounds
Published on: Friday, April 13, 2018

Labuan: Labuan Umno Youth Chief Datuk Mohd Rafi Alli Hassan squashed speculation that he (Rafi) along with incumbent Datuk Rozman Isli have been listed as the possible Labuan candidate for the coming election.

“Rozman will be the BN candidate in Labuan and I as the Umno youth chief will give strong support to Rozman.

“Rozman is the best choice for Labuan. We need him to lead us for the next five years and I am confident that BN will score a bigger majority with him as candidate,” he said.

Despite Rafi’s clarification, some quarters insist the possibility of Rafi could not be ruled out based on several factors. One of which is that he is the Political Secretary of Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor, who is the Umno Sec-Gen and caretaker Minister of Federal Territories. It is no secret that Rafi enjoys a splendid relationship with Adnan.

Rafi has also been very active over the last few years, heading several programmes one of which is the popular free fuel for youth with low CC motorbikes. Umno youth also sponsored the popular Umno Youth Football Tournament which had wide participation.

Adding to this, Rafi had also been instrumental in getting approval for a motor racing circuit to be established at Kiamsam here at the cost of RM7 million. Motor racing appeals to youths. Presently he also follows Rozman in most of the programmes and many see these had raised the profile of the Youth leader.

Rozman on the other had also develop a strong track record over the last few years.

He has reached out to all segments of the community and enjoys widespread popularity on the island, He won the last elections with a convincing majority.

All this talk had made it more interesting to wait for the nomination date on April 28 to know the candidate.

At the moment, a four-cornered fight is expected in Labuan with BN on one side against PAS, PKR and Warisan.

It is learned that a deal is being worked out by PKR and Warisan leaders to field one candidate using a single banner to avoid a split in opposition votes. – Sohan Das



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